Locust Working Desk

Locust Working Desk solid wood table

The Locust Working Desk is 100% made of solid wood by hand, is designed to be elegant and simple and at the same time hide a powerful storage and functionality argument. The Locust Working Desk comes with electrical pre-installation to hide all cables inside. The table top is inclined for better ergonomics in the daily work and in the drawing.

The drawer slides are also made in wood !...

The design can be inspiring for those who deal with it in a day-to-day use. In this case, the comfort and the organization frees us for the creative process, while is functionality tries to be unobtrusive and restrained, without harming the environment that surrounds it. Without great effort, its user can easily reach everywhere and access the tools of work… The Locusk Working desk with electricity inside and much more ...

locust desk

The construction of the legs in an “X” mode, confers an extreme stability without

further lockups, since the locking is already part of the design.

Also the way the top trapdoors are designed conceals the hinges,

making imperceptible the way they open and close.


We don`t  think only about exterior design when we do it , but in all dimensions of their use. That’s why we built in electrical power on the

  LOCUST  DESK veins.


The fact of  the LOCUST working desk is higher in the  back  create a slope which allows a better reading and writing.
This difference combined with the 48 degree tilt of the front drawers, creates an illusion  of thickness  that completely eliminates the viewing of all the front storage when we are standing  at it.
The inner hole in one leg carries  internal electric power cable that allows to  plug  peripheral electrical appliances in the center console,  eliminating the cables from the outside.


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