Horse Stool - different ergonomic concept

Horse Stool - diferent ergonomic concept

different ergonomic concept

The HORSE STOOL is a horse's cell stool inspired by yet another elements that revolves around the tree.

Everything around us serves as a pretext and inspiration to create something. The HORSE STOOL intends to have a different ergonomic concept than usual, increasing the comfort of sitting to another level.

Solid wood Walnut  & Cork or Leather
Solid ash wood & Cork or Leather
Coloured Solid ash wood  Blue Pastel  & Cork or Leather
Coloured Solid ash wood  Black  & Cork or Leather

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When you choose a AROUNDtheTREE product you gain more besides just a piece of furniture.

Above all, you become part of a proud tradition of craftsmanship where nothing has been left to chance.

The AROUNDtheTREE work is careful and meticulous carried out by master artisans.

As a result, each piece in all its details becomes unique, inimitable and timeless.